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Caring for your cat: our top tips

How to look after your feline friend

Welcoming a cat into your family can be a wonderful step. However, working out how best to care for your pet – and especially, what to feed it and when - can be challenging. Take a look at these handy tips for caring for your pet.

Feed them real meat

When choosing a new cat food, it is important to slowly transition it into their diet for optimal digestion. It’s recommended you start out by replacing 25% of your cat’s normal food, then move to 50%, then 75%, over the course of a week.

Cat’s naturally crave meat, so at Fussy Cat we leave out the grains and ensure real meat is the #1 ingredient to ensure even the fussiest cat will enjoy it.

Choose food with added vitamins and minerals

The correct vitamins and minerals are essential to cat health. It’s important to give your pet high-quality food with essential vitamins including E, niacin and thiamine, and minerals including calcium, iron and selenium o ensure it is 100% complete & balanced. Fussy Cat is boosted with these essential vitamins and minerals to help healthy digestion and provide optimal health for your feline friend.

Cater to their dietary needs and preferences

Every cat has different dietary requirements and preferences, which is why it is important to choose food that is suitable to your cat’s specific needs. The Fussy Cat range of dry, wet, chilled food and treats will be sure to satisfy even the fussiest of eaters.

Add variety to their diet

We all get sick of the same meal day after day, and cats are no different. Giving them a range of different flavours, textures and formats will keep them happy and healthy. It’s why we’ve spent years formulating a wide variety of formats, with tastes and textures that even the fussiest of cats will love.

Always provide fresh water

Cats are designed to get most of their water from eating fresh, raw food. This means they naturally have a low thirst drive. This can lead to health problems if they only eat dry food, so it’s vitally important to serve them a mixture of dry, wet and raw foods, and of course have fresh water available at all times.

NEW: Fussy Cat raw meat pots

Give your cat the deliciousness & freshness of raw meat as a complete & balanced meal in a convenient, single serve pot. Choose from 3 great textures and protein your cat enjoys best. Whether it’s Chicken, Beef or Kangaroo. Then simply peel back the lid, tip upside down into their bowl & serve.