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Can I feed my cat human food or dog food?

01 . 04 . 2020
Cats by Fussy Cat

While you are spending time at home cooking up a storm in the kitchen, you might be tempted to share your human food with your cat.

However, the healthiest option for cats are the foods that have been made specifically for their digestive anatomy. In other words, you should not be feeding your cat human food as it will not give them a complete and nutritious diet.

The same is true of dog food. Commercially made dog foods are not harmful to your cat, so don’t worry if they steal some food from the dog’s bowl. However, their diet should be predominantly based on food formulated for their species.

If you’re looking to add variety in your cat’s diet, why not try these options instead:

Chilled Cat Food

As cats are carnivores, they thrive on raw meat. Our Fussy Cat chilled food comes in delicious raw mince, as well as several single-serve complete and balanced meals.

Cat Treats

Packed with real animal protein, our Fussy Cat treats are a nutritious way to reward your cat and enrich your special bond. Try the chicken, liver or kangaroo flavours of these healthy, grain-free treats.