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All the protein, variety and goodness your cat needs.

A wide range of grain free, premium quality cat food

Just like us, cats enjoy variety in their diet. It’s why the Fussy Cat range includes dry, wet and chilled cat food, as well as tasty treats. All of our products are grain free and are made with a delicious and diverse range of real premium quality proteins including chicken, turkey, salmon, beef, kangaroo, lamb and fish.

I've been feeding grain-free to my cat for a few years now and it has turned him into a majestic beast. His fur is so much softer and shinier now and he is very visibly much healthier. When I first found this product there were only 500g bags, but the 2.5kg bags make it much more cost effective to buy which is great. He loves all of the flavours, and I recently discovered the treats which he goes crazy for. Huge thanks to Fussy Cat for making my cat so happy and healthy... I highly recommend this product!
All three of my cats love this food. The ingredients are great, really healthy and no nasties like some of the big brands. Compared to some of the 'premium' brands too they don't contain fillers. They never seem to get tired of it. Grain-free is the best choice for your pets. My cats get a scoop in the morning and raw or wet food at night, shiny coats and purrs all around.
I buy the Fussy Cat grain-free dry biscuits, as well as the portioned mince packets. Both my cats look beautifully healthy: shiny soft fur, clean teeth, and clear eyes. We often get comments from visitors about how lovely their fur is. They're a healthy weight, don't overeat, and have never had any health problems. I give the credit to the high quality of the food we give them. No fillers, no nonsense, just what cats need.

Why grain-free?

Cats are naturally carnivorous creatures and enjoy the taste and texture of real meat. It’s why our products are made with a variety of animal proteins, not grains like corn, wheat or oats – which many cats can struggle to digest properly. Excluding grains also means there’s more room for nourishing proteins, vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for your cat’s overall health and wellbeing.