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Chicken Treats 100g

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Chicken Treats 100g

Want to handfeed your loved one a little cat treat? Fussy Cat Chicken Crunchers are perfect for any occasion and with meat as #1 ingredient it is a crunchy, tasty treat that is high in protein. The perfect meaty treat your cat will meow for more. Want a few other ways to use Crunchers 1.Hide a few around the house for your cat to explore & find 2. A little extra meaty treat for your cat after dinner A choice of 4x tasty grainfree meat flavours for your cat to enjoy. Be careful to not give them too many
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Meat meals and meat by-products (poultry and beef) and/or poultry by-product meal, vegetable meal and vegetables, palatants, tallow (poultry and/or beef), vegetable starch, vegetable pulp, salt, natural antioxidant.
Typical Analysis
Crude protein 32%
Crude fat 16%
Crude fibre 5%
Salt 2.5%
Metabolisable Energy 360kcal/100g


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