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with Beef & Liver Treats 100g

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with Beef & Liver Treats 100g

Looking for a meaty cat treat to give your baby after dinner? Fussy Cat Crunchers with Beef & Liver with have your cat meowing for more. Crunchy, tasty and grainfree they won't be able to control their excitement. Want a few other ways to use Crunchers 1. Handfeed to your cat as a little treat. 2.Hide a few around the house for your cat to explore & find A choice of 4x tasty grainfree meat flavours for your cat to enjoy. Be careful to not give them too many

have you tried Fussy Cat Dry kibble or Fresh mince? 

Complete & Balanced nutrition

Australian Made
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Meat meal and meat by-products (poultry and beef) and/or poultry by-product meal, vegetable meal and vegetables, palatants (including liver), tallow (poultry and/or beef), vegetable starch, vegetable pulp, salt, natural antioxidant.
Typical Analysis
Crude protein 32
Crude fat 16
Crude fibre 5
Salt 2.5
Metabolisable Energy 360kcal/100g


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