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Prime Steak Mince 5 x 90g

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- Chilled cat food -

Prime Steak Mince 5 x 90g

Cats are carnivorous by nature, so a meat-centred meal packed with essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals is a fantastic food choice for them. The Fussy Cat Prime Steak Mince satisfies your pet's palate while making sure they get adequate nutrition from its holistic blend of nutritious ingredients. Using lean meat as the number one ingredient, it supports a protein-rich diet to keep your cats in optimal shape. The addition of taurine promotes overall health, so your cat can fully enjoy their chilled cat food meal and benefit from its nutrients.
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5 x 90g
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Fresh Kangaroo, Fresh Meat (Beef and/or Pork and/or Lamb and/or Chicken), Natural Flavour, Natural Gels, Calcium and Sodium Salts, Amino Acids, Natural Colour, Food Acid, Thiamine, Preservative (220) Antioxidant, Taurine.
Typical Analysis
Crude protein 15.0%
Crude fat 3.0%
Metabolisable Energy 84kCal/100g
Taurin 0.2%


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