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Frequently asked questions

Fussy Cat
Q: What is grain free?

When we say “grain free”, we mean that our products contain absolutely no grain based ingredients - i.e. wheat, corn, rice or soy. Cats are carnivorous creatures, and don’t naturally consume grains. Their digestive systems also find it hard to break down grains into energy. By excluding grains, we can include more of the things that cats do need, like real animal proteins.

Q: Why should my cat follow a grain free diet?

There are several reasons why cats would benefit from a grain free diet. The most important is that it’s not their natural way of eating - cats are carnivores and crave meat. Although grains can sometimes be a good source of essential vitamins, minerals and fibre, a cat’s digestive system is not designed to efficiently break down and utilise carbohydrates.

Q: Where can I buy Fussy Cat products?

Fussy Cat grain free products are available at all leading supermarkets and pet stores. All of our stockists are listed on our stockists page. We recommend contacting our retail partners directly to check which Fussy Cat products are ranged in your local store.

Q: Where are Fussy Cat products made?

Fussy Cat dry food, chilled food and treats are proudly 100% Australian made. Selected wet food products are made by our trusted partners in Thailand.

Q: How much should I feed my cat?

Cats have different dietary requirements based on their size, breed and age. Follow the recommended feeding guide on the individual pack or consult your veterninarian. It is important not to over feed your cat, as it can lead to weight gain. 

Q: Can I recycle Fussy Cat packaging?

Yes, you can recycle all Fussy Cat cans, trays and pots in your local council recycling bin. You can recycle Fussy Cat plastic pouches that contain our dry food by dropping it into your nearest REDcycle collection bin. There are participating supermarketing all around Australia. Find the nearest REDcycle drop off point near you.

Q: Can I use adult cat food for my kitten?

We recommend using complete and balanced food that is specifically formulated for kittens 2-12 months, to ensure your kitten gets everything they need for healthy growth and development.

Q: Can I feed my kitten raw meat?

Always consult your veterninarian before introducing new food into your kitten's diet. To ensure healthy kitten growth and development, we recommend using a complete and balanced kitten formulation for their base diet and only using raw meat as a topper.

Q: Are Fussy Cat chilled minces complete and balanced?

Fussy Cat 70g raw meat pots and 800g mince trays are 100% complete and balanced for adult cats. Our 450g mince pouches, containing 5 single serves, are designed to be fed as a complementary food for adult cats. We recommend using in conjunction with other Fussy Cat complete and balanced foods.