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Why choose grain-free for your cat?

Protein rich food for cats, the way nature intended

We’ve all heard that choosing grain free food is important for cats. But why is this so? Why should you avoid feeding grains to your cat? Take a look at these reasons why it’s wise to opt for protein rich cat food rather than options which include grains like wheat, corn and rice.

Cats are carnivores

Cats are carnivores in the wild and do not normally eat grains. Although grains can sometimes be a good source of essential vitamins, minerals and fibre, a cat’s digestive system is not designed to efficiently break down and utilise carbohydrates. Many cats also have a significant problem digesting grains.

Grains convert to sugar

One particular reason not to feed grains is that they break down into sugar within a cat’s body. Various veterinary colleges and journals have indicated that a range of feline health conditions can be aggravated by too much dietary grain.

Cats need protein

Eating a high-carb diet really wreaks havoc on a cat’s body. Carbs are usually thought of as energy foods, but felines utilise protein and fat very efficiently when it comes to energy production. When it comes to energy, cats have a high requirement for quality protein – not carbohydrates.

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